UAV Development

Keva drone is a professional UAV developer composed of top-level developers in Korea.


KEVA Drone has acquired four domestic patents with its own
technology and is establishing technical cooperation,
co-development and domestic manufacturing chain.

Fixed wing technology application
Joined Wing
- Two layers of wings (upper and lower) are joined together at the
   wingtip section to reduce induced drag innovatively and
   acquire take advantages of high efficiency.

Joined Delta Wing
- Advantageous under high and low speed section with
   aerodynamic characteristics of Delta wing Structure.
- The delta wing type allows more rigid structural endurance
   and larger interior space.
- Minimisation of Induced Drag and Maximisation of other
   Advatages of Delta wing has been done via combination
   between Delta Wing shape and Joined Wing structure.

Induced Drag of Normal Wing and Joined Wing comparison image
Rotary wing UAV Co-development  |   MULTI-COPTER Joint development
- Development of Narsha, the commercial drone, through the co-development and cooperation with Flying-Production which is a
   developer of long endurance high performance military drone DAVINCI.
Future type manned amphibious UAV  |   Amphibious Flying-Car
National Project Assignment Performing
KEVA Drone is producing various customised UAV and its system which are based on know-how of many national project assignment for
various purposes such as commercial and military.
National Project Assignment Reference
Technology development of long endurance rotary wing drone system (Conductor)
- Supervising : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Technology Cooperation Section)
- R&D Period : 22 months in total (From June, 2015 to April, 2017)
- R&D Subject : K-DAVINCI (NARSHA) development through technology cooperation with Flying Production in Israel.
- The Endurance data of DAVINCI : 90 Minutes
VTOL UAV Technology Development (JOINT Project)
- Supervising : Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Regional Strategic Industry)
- R&D Period : 36 months in total (From August. 2015 to July. 2018)
- R&D Subject : VTOL UAV Technology (Participate in GCS, Electronic/Power system, LTE Module development)
Mapping purpose sUAV Development for Geo-spartial information
- Supervising : Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Obtaining technology commercialise)
- R&D Period : 12 months in total (From October. 2015 to September. 2016)
- R&D Subject : sUAV development for Mapping purpose
Award (GOLD PRIZE): Defence IT/SW convergence Biz Model Contest
- Conductor : Korea Defence SW Industry Academy Research Association
- Subject : Development Proposal of UAV for digital operation map cartography
- Contest Result : GOLD PRIZE and Participate plan in u-Experiment of MoND (Ministry of National Defence) in 2016
Technology and business Certificate
- Enhancement of endurance with limited battery capacity through the Reduce of Induced Drag / High Lift wing shape.
- Design Patent Registered (8 January 2013) and Patent apply (20 March 2013 / 21 July 2014), Research Lab Certificate (22 December 2014)
- Defence Venture Company (29 April 2015 / Daejeon Venture Centre)
- Venture Company (11 June 2015)