Mapping Drone with Longest Endurance in same grade
All compartments are Korean built (from shape design to software developing)
Mapping Drone with Korean

With base of various experience in Korean built airplanes (T-50, Surion) the Mapping purpose fixedwing (Joined Delta Wing shape and UAV operation system) has been built.
Video record for real time

Payloads (e.g. video camera) can be exchanged along customers’ needs, the Mapper can be used various mission types.

Operation Convenience

Flight plan could be established in Office and/or outdoor sites with simple manipulation. And automatic take-off and landing can allow operational convenience.
Rigid and Convenience Case
Mapper case has been designed efficiently and it could carry equipment and supplies safely and conveniently.
High Precision, High Resolution video operation capability
Long Endurance (1hour) is capable and 20 Mega pixel camera has been built in.
Operation Cost Reduction
No additional equipment (Launcher, Net and Parachute etc.) is needed for take-off and landing and parts can be substituted very easily for cost reduction.
Better Technical Support
Following Technical support can be high merit of Mapper operation. Moreover, with effective A/S system might help your more efficient operations.
Water surface Take-off and
Landing capable

Aerodynamic design allows take-off landing on water surface and safe flight around the river can be available.
Easy Flight Plan Establish
Flight course can be planned in office and/or house very easily. Mission Planner make design course automatically thereafter the setting of area where the operator want to acquire photos.
Simple Hand Launch
Mapper can take-off with hand launch therefore no need additional equipment as like runway and/or launcher. As the Mapper is made with EPP (Extended Polypropylene) so, every personnel can fly the Mapper easily.
Complete Auto and Manual Flight
Mapper can make automatic flight from take-off to landing. Within automatic flight mode, Mapper can fly over pre-measured courses and land safely and flight mode can be exchanged to Semi-Auto and Manual instantly. Moreover through the GCS operator can get information as like speed and altitude in real time.
Safe Landing with High Angle of Attack
Mapper is capable to make deep stall landing with Cobra Maneuverer with high angle of attack so is can be operated within narrow area.
On-site Flight Result and Data Check
Data can be checked on-site almost right away. Through the verifying process with Mission Planner software, the flight result and data, minimise the unnecessary additional works and post process can be started more easily.
Easy High Resolution Video Process Tasks
Professional Video Process Software can prepare 3D model, orthomosaic highly accurately and automatically. Simple manipulation can allow shorten.
Video Sample

Water Surface Take-off

Gimbal Camera Video Recording

Cobra Manoeuvre

3D Mapping Results

Land SurveyㆍCivil Engineering
Work Process Monitoring / Volume Calculation / Work Completeness monitoring / Site Mapping
Health Monitoring / Harvest Estimation / Disease monitoring / 3D Status Mapping
Monitoring Mud field / Coastal Erosion Monitoring / Ecological Monitoring
Disaster Damage Control / Real time Monitoring / 피해 현황 수시 파악
DETAILS (1set)
  Air Vehicle 1pc  
  Stand 1pc  
  Carrying bag 1pcs  
  Battery (11.1 Volts, 12 Ah) 2pcs  
  Recharger 1pc  
  Controller 1pc  
  GCS(Laptop, Model, Antenna) 1set  
  Maintenance Tool 1set  
  Camera 1pc  
  Option Post Process S/W  
  • Wing Span1,800mm
  • Fuselage Length1,100mm
  • MTOW2,900g
  • Payload Weight550g

  • EO CameraGSD 1.03cm @ 110m (Sony RX1R)
  • Multispectral CameraGSD 8.18cm @ 120m
  • FLIRThermal Image Acguisition(FLIR VUE PRO)
  • Flight ModeFull Auto, Semi-Auto, Manual,
    Mapping Mission,
    Auto Take-off and Landing, Return to Home
  • Take-off and LandingHand-Launched / Deep Stall Landing
  • Flight Time50~60min
  • Cruise Speed 40~60km/h
  • Maximum Altitudehigher than 1,000m
  • Maximum Range5km of radius
  • Wind Speed Resistance15m/s