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  • KOREA Industrial Complex Corporation, Daegu-Gyoungbuk Corporation Support Centre: 'CEO Creative Innovation Symposium' on 13 Nov. (Maeil Dayily)
    [Etnews, Jaehoon Chung] In this symposium, Mr. Heewoo Lee the CEO of KEVA Drone held a lecture 'Application and future of Drones in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution'
  • Surveillance Flight (Optical and IR CAM) in Saesum island of Dadohae National Park
    9. Nov. 2017
    With a request from the Korea National Park Service, We had surveillance flight over the Saesum island of Dadohae National Park with Optical RGB Camera (Sony RX1 R II) and FLIR VUE PRO two times. The area where we held flight is high wind area and have narrow space for take-off and landing so we took off from Sungnam Island where it is apart from the Saesum island by 3~4 km and returned and accomplished mission successfully.
  • Demonstration Flight in Mushim Cheon, Cheung-ju
    27. Oct. 2017
    We held demonstration flight of KD-2 MAPPER with officers of Cheung-ju City Hall.
  • SEOUL ADEX 2017 exhibition Image 1
    17. Oct. 2017 ~ 22. Oct. 2017
    KEVA Drone exhibited KD-2 MAPPER EO at Daejeon UAV enterprise pavilion and MOLIT aviation R&D pavilion at SEOUL ADEX 2017 in SEOUL AIRBASE and had great attention and applause.
  • Forum Ansung, International Drone Academy would be established in Ansung. (Maeil Dayily)
    [Maeil Dayily, Lee Ki-hwan reporter] Are the simply educating Drone flight and holding events with toy drone all of the drone industry? Why Drone is called ane axis of 4th industrial revolution?
  • Mt. Jiri - Pine Wilt disease Observation Image 1
    25. Sep. 2017
    KD-2 Mapper had flew over ASL 1,000m at 38 square kilometer area to observe Pine Wilt stauts.
  • Korea type GIS mapping drone symposium - Presentation and Exhibit Image 1
    18. Sep. 2017
    KEVA Drone participated to present and exhibit product In Jeonbuk provincial government building.
  • Presentation: 7th GIS Activiating with UAV Forum
    1. Sep. 2017

    Dr. Lee the CEO of KEVA Drone particiated as presenter at 7th GIS Activating with UAV Forum. At this occasion,
    the KD-2 Mapper had been introduced to other participants and had great applause.
  • 2017 Korea Drone Policy Forum (Parliament House) Image 1
    23. ~ 24. Aug. 2017
    We exhibited at Korea Drone Policy Forum at Parliament House.
  • 2017 Drone Challenge Korea Image 1
    11. Aug. 2017
    We exhibited at Drone Challenge Korea at 2017 Drone Chllenge Korea in Korea Maritime and Ocean University.
  • Daejeon Local Procurement Office visited Drone Manufacturing Company Image 1
    9. Aug. 2017
    Daejeon Local Procurement Office visited KEVA Drone the KOREA Start-up Recognised Company.
  • Oak Wilt Disease Observation Image 1
    1. ~ 3. Aug. 2017
    KEVA Drone had observation mission in Gangwon and Gyounggi Province with SmartGIO.
  • Mapping Flight in Busan Doyodeung with KIOST Image 1
    21. July. 2017
    KEVA Drone had mapping flight in Busan Doyodeung with KIOST. (Korea Institute Of Ocean Science & Technology)
  • ROBOUNIVERSE and K-Drone Exhibition Image 1
    28. ~ 30. June. 2017
    KD-2 Mapper had exhibited at these occasions in KINTEX, Ilsan.
  • Mapping Flight Image 1
    22. June. 2017
    KEVA Drone had mapping flight over bad circumstances as like high wind, power line and scraps which might be bad for geo-magnetic field(s).
  • Korea Marine Safety EXPO Image 1
    14. ~ 16. June. 2017
    KD-2 Mapper has been exhibited and discussed with foreign military officers at BEXCO, Busan.
  • KD-2 Mapper registered in Venture NARA Image 1
    9. June. 2017
    KD-2 Mapper has been registed in Venture NARA as National recognised Start-Up Company.
  • Geryoung MOD-Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning Image 1
    25. May. 2017
    We participated and exhibited KD-2 at the occasion.
    (Gye-ryoung=Yonhapnews) Soldiers who had particiapted in ICT Equipment exhibition in Gye-ryoung Cultural Auditorium on 25th are watching UAV... 2017.5.25
    8. ~ 11. May. 2017
    We particiated in AUVSI exhibition jointly with KARI in Dallas, USA.
  • International Drone EXPO 2017, JAPAN Image 1
    19. ~ 21. April. 2017
    KEVA Drone Particiated in the Occasion and exhibited KD-2 Mapeer in Chiba, Japan.
  • KD-2 Mapper Rain Flight Test
    5. April. 2017
    KD-2 Mapper tested under raining circumstance in Daejeon, Korea.
  • KIOST Ordered KD-2
    3. April. 2017
    KIOST ordred KD-2 Mapper as coastal mapping system.
    The Mapper which might be delivered in the end of April, will be used to observe coastal loss and shore geographic status monitoring.
  • Donation in Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation
    31. March. 2017
    KD-2 Mapper had been donated at the Seoul Center as an exhibit.
  • 1st Delivery of KD-2 Mapper (Daeyoung Electronics)
    31. March. 2017
    KEVA Drone delivered 1st KD-2 Mapper to Daeyoung Electronics.
    This will be an opening occasion to be in B2B market.
  • Narsha development inspection Image 1
    9. March. 2017
    KEVA Drone tested Narsha system and coordinate schedules of ATP and SAT in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • KEVA Drone recognised as START-UP Company by Korea Procurement Office Image 1
    6. March. 2017
    KEVA Drone had been recognised as START-UP Company by Korea Procurment Office since 1st Quarter in 2017.
  • Drone Show Korea 2017 Image 1
    19. ~ 21. Jan. 2017
    KEVA Drone exhibited KD-2 Mapper Commercial type and Narsha system in BEXCO, BUSAN.